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Flexibility and peace of mind designed for drivers
Traditional or innovative, but always extremely flexible: our solutions for retail clients meet a wide range of financing requirements, with the added value of exclusive insurance services.

Our entire range aims to make purchasing a vehicle as easy as possible. In the hands of a distribution network of highly-skilled experts, our solutions represent a powerful sales tool, with a strong potential to increase customer loyalty.

Financial products
Hire Purchase
Our most widespread financing plan, which permits the deferral of part or all of the price of a new or used vehicle, in convenient monthly payments over a flexible term

Leasing (LSG)
Ideal for professionals, the self-employed and entrepreneurs, this solution provides access to a vehicle without tying up capital, making it an effective cash flow planning tool. Its key features are a minimal up-front payment, variable term and fixed recurring payments.

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)
This financing solution allows clients to obtain a new vehicle at all times, while paying for actual use only, with a wide range of options to choose from at term, such as purchasing a new replacement vehicle, keeping the vehicle by making or refinancing the final balloon payment or returning the vehicle with no obligation to purchase a new one (the terms vary from market to market).

Additional services
Protected Loan
This policy releases the policyholder from the obligation to pay part or all of the residual debt if certain sudden and/or unexpected events occur.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
It protects vehicle value by in the form of coverage of new-for-old value in the event of theft or total write-off for a number of years after purchase or an advantageous pay-out, varying in accordance with the current regulations in the relevant country.

Glass/vehicle branding
A strong deterrent against theft.

Fire/Theft Insurance Policy
An insurance policy included with each plan payment that covers a vehicle, for the entire term of the financing contract, against events such as theft, fire, robbery, natural and socio-political events, acts of vandalism and window breakage.

Comprehensive and Collision
The comprehensive policy covers losses caused by collisions with other vehicles, impacts against stationary and moving obstacles, overturning and exiting the roadway. The collision policy only applies in the event of a collision with another identified vehicle.

Extended warranty
It extends the manufacturer's warranty with a range of solutions covering expenses relating to vehicle breakdowns.

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